Saturday, 30 November 2013

Starry Advent Calendar

Hello my lovelies!

I am so so sorry for having been MIA for the last week or so, but everything’s just been so busy… Christmas is only four (4!!!) weeks away and I’m completely stressed out over my presents.
But, and I hope this doesn’t come too late for you but still just in time, here’s something I have been working on: This beautiful DIY Christmas Advent Calendar!
I found the Origami Lucky Stars online somewhere and immediately thought of turning them into something Christmassy – and here we go!

This is a really, really easy project to craft, and you barely need anything for it:

1)      Sheets of paper (I used coloured one, but you can take anything you want)
2)      scissors
3)      thread and a needle
(4)    a pen)
(5)  ribbon)
(6)  numbered clips)
I started with looking up cute quotes on the internet – some with Christmas already in mind,  but most of them just chosen because I thought they would put a smile on your face when you’d read them in the morning. The biggest problem I found was that you only need 24 of them. And there are so many, so beautiful quotes to be found online! WAAH!

Anyway, you don’t have to use quotes for it – you could write down some jokes inside, memories you connect with that particular person or sweet little messages. Your choices are unlimited!
What I did was write them all down in Microsoft Word, change each one into a different font and print them out.
I realized only later, when I was making the stars, that the larger they get, the more difficult (Or even impossible) they get to make. So you’ll want to make sure you only have one line on each strip of paper, or use a smaller font size to make it easier for you.
Next step is cutting them into strips – the longer they are, the easier. That’s why I changed the layout to horizontal format.
Here’s how you fold your Lucky Stars:
1.       Start by making a knot into one end of your strip. Pull on the end and flatten down the knot.

1.     Fold the left over end onto the backside of your knot.
2.     Start wrapping the longer end all around your pentagon. If you always fold your paper exactly over the already existing edge, then it should turn out like this.

1.      Fold the last bit of paper over and tuck it underneath the previous layer. I now drew a star onto the tucked away end, so that my friends would know where to pull without looking for ages or just ripping it open because they can’t stand the excitement anymore. But that’s completely up to you.

 2.       Now, with scissors, or a credit card, or any other object with a thin edge, press down onto the
         middle of each side of your pentagon. You star should now acquire its 3D-shape.

TADA! That’s basically it – and there are various ways of hanging it up – or you can even just put it into a bowl or jar!

I threaded every star on simple sewing thread and then put them onto the appropriate clips, but you can also just write the numbers onto the stars if you don’t want to get clips or or or… Get creative!

I loved this idea because it’s so simple and so personal and just so so cute!

I’d love to see your DIY calendars or even your takes on this one! I hope you all have a mighty fine first Advent weekend,
lots of love,

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