Thursday, 14 November 2013

So many ideas...

… and so little time!

It’s a vicious cycle: Every day I stumble upon so many incredible, must-try-instantly-like ideas – and they are all written down neatly in my little notebook. Sadly, that’s where they’ll stay for a good amount of time, because the day’s just not got enough hours to squeeze everything in!

This is what my current To-Do-Pile looks like:

During winter, I always have a knitting piece I’m working on – it’s just the most practical thing ever: You can take it with you almost everywhere, you can knit on the tube, on the bus, in waiting rooms etc. etc. The only requirement is of course immunity to all the bewildered looks received by the innocent bystanders.

Honestly, I can’t understand what’s so weird about knitting in public places – it’s like the most innocent occupation ever! I mean, come on, it’s not like I’ve got my earphones on full blast (Don’t you also think it’s the most annoying thing ever?  Arrgh, I seriously hate it when people do that!), I’m not sneezing or coughing or anything. So why these looks? Never solved that mystery. Any help would be most welcome!


is my current sewing project – which is still on the line because I haven’t found a sewing machine  I could use yet. Although there seems to be quite a nice sewing café in my borough, has anyone ever had experience with sewing cafes? Is it nice?

Can you guess what it may be? I guess not; it’s still pretty unrecognizable I have to admit.


is something I have wanted to do a long time and will hopefully get the chance to finally try tomorrow. So you can hope for the riddle’s solution to be posted tomorrow! (Or the day after. Hehe.)

And finally, the oddest thing in this heap of random things

Socks. Yes, you got that right. And guess what I’m going to do with them! Any ideas? Hm? Hint: It will involve a few other white socks and lots and lots of rice.

So that’s my current Creative Corner – what does yours look like? Are you like me and always have to start on different things at the same time just because you’re too excited to wait? Or do you take it easy and do one project at a time (as it should be done, really…)?
Tell me about it,
<3 Kathybell

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