Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Newspaper Nail Art

Ciao bellas!
There’s one thing in particular that never ceases to amaze me: The endless possibilities you have when you start thinking outside your box. There are so many ways to express yourself, so many different things you’ve never done and so, so many surfaces you can turn into art.
Today I want to show you a project a little bit different and something I’ve never done before: Nail Art!
I mean, I obviously have painted my nails before, but until recently I was more reluctant about using attention-seeking colours or patterns even.
And then I just started thinking ‘So what?’ So what if somebody cares?’ So what if it’s not to everyone’s liking?’ I realized I should start living for myself instead of living for the expectations of others. Because the thing is: You’ll never be happy with yourself if you don’t listen to yourself. And even if there are thousands of people mocking you for your choices, you always have to remember that the people that matter will support you no matter what.
Ahem, yeah, back to business: Nail Art. (Sorry for my little ramble…) I found a picture of Newspaper Nails online a few days ago and thought it looked amazing. And it is really easy to do as well!
The only things you need are
1)      your nail varnish of choice as the ground layer (I went for a more neutral colour so that the writing would stand out more, but I bet it would look great on red or similar intensive colours as well!)
2)      a transparent top coat
3)      newspaper snippets (I cut mine into 1in x 1in) and
4)      a bowl filled with water
Just paint your nails with your coloured nail varnish and let it dry. (HA! If only it was that easy! I'm honestly THE worst person in waiting for nails to dry. I can guarantee at least 1 smudged nail on each hand. Do you fight similar battles?)
I found that letting it dry completely before applying the newspaper will result in paler writing, whereas putting it while the varnish is still in its final stages of drying will cause more intense letters.
(Excuse my Hands, please, they are quite patchy...)
Next up is soaking your newspaper squares in water, pressing them onto your nails and leaving them on for at least 30 seconds. Gently press the newspaper down, but be careful not to move it around, otherwise the writing will be smudged.
Peel off the newspaper, wait a bit to let your nails dry and coat them with the transparent varnish.
TADA! Incredibly easy, isn’t it?
As you can see, this clearly is my first time trying this, so it turned out quite uneven... But practice makes perfect, doesn't it?!
Have you got any special beauty DIY-recipes? Are you experimental or more layed back about trying out new things? I’d love to hear your opinions, and thank you ever so much for reading!

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